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Down Home Spray Foam Insulation in Marietta

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In these economic times, many Marietta home owners are looking for more ways to make their homes energy efficient. One consideration for this is hiring  a professional insulation installer to use spray foam insulation to fill walls, nooks and crannies.

As spray foam insulation is sprayed into openings in the area, it expands to create the insulation barrier, a material made using polyurethane. It can sometimes have fire-retardant chemicals mixed in, too.  Another feature of spray insulation for Marietta homes is that it functions as a good sealant. You, or your Marietta insulation contractor, can spray this insulation into holes in walls and ceilings to provide an air-tight seal. Since it does expand, it may need to be scraped prior to drying to provide a smooth exterior.

Some of the advantages of Marietta spray foam insulation include an easy to apply method of providing an air tight seal in any holes in walls or ceilings. This will cut down on heat transfer, helping your heating and cooling system to work more effectively, which means it will work more efficiently and save you money. This expanding material also makes a good insulation for steel framing outlets or forming insulation around outlets.

Furthermore, the spray foam insulation product can be combined with other materials to make it cheaper on the Marietta home owner. Many times, a Marietta insulation contractor will spray a one inch layer of foam and then top it with a layer of fiberglass batt insulation for increased performance.

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