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Effective Canton Home Insulation Reduces Cooling Costs – Insulation Helps You Winter AND Summer

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Everyone knows that insulation is the key to keeping your home heating costs in check. But did you realize that effective insulation can also help keep your Canton cooling bills down? It’s important for your house to be thoroughly insulated for big savings all year round. Your local contractor in can help you upgrade your insulation for reduced air-conditioning costs this summer.

Insulation helps your home retain heat in the winter, but it also helps keep your home cool in the summer. That’s because it actually accounts for 70% of the building’s total heat gain and loss! In plain English, without insulation, the high temperatures outside would make the temperature inside your home up to 70% higher. When you have effective home insulation not only does it work to keep the hot air outside from getting in, it also helps keep your cool, air-conditioned air inside. The end result is a cooler, more comfortable home for you-no matter how hot it gets outside.

When it comes to upgrading your insulation, you can choose from a number of different materials. Each material has different insulating qualities as well as installation requirements, so you’ll want to consult your contractor about which is best for your home and your needs. Popular options include spray foam, blown, and batt insulation. Blown and spray foam insulation are particularly great solutions for retrofitting spaces like attics, although batt insulation can work as well.

Correct installation and appropriate materials make a huge difference when it comes to insulating your house or business, so we recommend using a professional insulation company to ensure the best results. Insulation can only be truly effective when it is installed without holes or gaps, and it is often difficult for DIYers to achieve this complete, even installation. On the other hand, insulation companies in Canton have the expertise and skills to ensure your home is thoroughly insulated for the best energy-efficiency this summer.

To ensure that your Canton insulation company is fully qualified, only choose licensed, insured professionals. Certifications from manufacturers and trade organizations-like the Blow-In-Blanket Contractors Association (BIBCA)-are also signs that your insulation pro is a true expert!

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