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Top Atlanta Home Insulation Types

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The Department of Energy in the United States roughly estimates that about 50-70 % of the energy that Americans used in their homes generally comes from cooling and heating. This figure can be decreased by a considerable amount through the use of an apparatus called home insulation.

This apparatus can help reduce the energy consumption of its users as it lessens unwanted heat loss brought about by the different appliances at home. The effectiveness of these insulation devices is measured through the insulation’s heat resistance or R-values. The higher these values, the better insulation capacity it has.

Home Insulation

The Atlanta home insulation commonly found in your average house is composed of four kinds namely the batt and blankets, loose-fill, rigid board, and spray foam insulation. The type of home insulation that should be installed depends on the type of structure where it is going to be placed as well as the different construction requirements deemed necessary by different states.

Batt and blanket insulation system is made of either fiberglass or rock wool. These materials are usually processed to provide insulation above the ceilings, below the floors and within the walls. Batts usually come in four to eight feet sizes. On the other hand, blankets are cut to fit the area of installation.

Rigid board insulation is another type of home insulation device. This is also made of fiberglass as well as polyurethane and polystyrene.

Normally, this type of installation measures R-3 in terms of its R-value.

Loose-fill insulation entails the use of fiber pellets that are commonly attached in attics or roofs to provide the necessary insulation in certain areas. They are quite costly compared to the first type of insulation system mentioned above. However, the good thing about this type of insulation system is that they are easier to install. Also, it has a capacity of R-3 to R-4 which provides 30% more insulating power compared to batt and blanket.

Rigid Board Insulation

Rigid board insulation is another type of home insulation device. This is also made of fiberglass as well as polyurethane and polystyrene. This kind of insulation is generally used for reproofing flat roofs, basement walls and slab edges. They also have higher R-values ranging from R-4 to R-8.

Unlike the three types of Atlanta home insulation devices mentioned above that are mostly made of fiberglass, spray foam insulation is the only one that is made of liquid. As this liquid is sprayed into the ceilings and walls of homes, it eventually becomes solid. Because of this property of spray foam to expand, it is usually used to insulate irregularly shaped spaces.

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